Monday, April 12, 2010

Minting Money At Home

Next time you find an interesting word or short phrase, turn it into cash – possibly Big Cash. Any combination of letters and numbers can be registered as an Internet domain – an address, usually ending in dot-com. You can register domains for under $10 each at Moniker ( If a marketer of products or services thinks your domain can help him attract customers and make money, they’ll buy that domain from you for hundreds or hundreds-of-thousands of dollars.

Does that sound too good to be true? Just look at these recent sales: sold for $1.1 million; went for $370,000; brought somebody $200,000; sold for $26,300; and returned a tidy $2,105 for that little $10 cost of registration. (Sales reported by DNJournal, April 6, 2010) The mother of all domain sales was recorded in 2006, when went for an eye-popping $14 million.

Here's proof you can make money in the domain game. was first registered in late 2009. In February 2010 it sold for $1,400. In March, this domain was resold for $151,000! (Thanks to DNJournal for the details.) Create your own new domains cheap here.  

Coming up with a valuable domain name is easy. Pick any category that interests you and create a memorable domain. For instance: sports (, people’s names (, places (, businesses (, health (, sex (, pets (, law (, clothing (, food ( or politics (

Who’s buying these domains? Buyers primarily fall into two categories – businesses that want the domains to draw attention to themselves or their products and services; and domain investors, who plan to resell the domains at higher prices then they’re paying today.

What makes a domain valuable? Lots of different things can make a domain attractive to potential buyers. If the name is short, easy to remember, or getting a lot of mentions in the media, many companies and domain investors will want to buy it.

Want to capitalize on Tiger Woods? Buy or (Punta Brava is a golf resort being built in Mexico, and featuring a course designed by Tiger himself. Marketing rental homes and condos on the course will be much easier for the ultimate owner of

Sexting – kids sending naked photos of themselves and their friends via cellphone – has stayed in the news for over a year; buy and sell it to a smart tech company.

If you’re a smoker, you may know that the new trend among Indian tribes is to deliver their tax-free cigarettes direct to homes, saving buyers the need to drive out of their way to buy on the reservation. You’ll make money buying And if you’ve heard about the new spit-free smokeless tobacco products being introduced nationwide, you’ll see the value in and

Health and health products are always topic #1 at office water coolers. Buy the domains,, or for a great return on your small investment. Lots of companies sell remedies for herpes; buy the domain and expect to sell for a nice profit. Fitted condoms ( and premature ejaculation ( got a ton of media attention in recent months.

Some domains appeal to very different audiences., for instance, might be re-sold to a perfumer, an odor-control company, or a strike-out specialist.

Geographic domains always have added value. went for $25,000, while was worth $150,000 to someone and (the name of cities in Texas, Georgia and Ohio) sold for $30,000.

You can also attract buyers by combining geographic names with other words, like and I'm offering a bunch of geo domains associated with Mexico's planned mega-port/mega-city at what is currently the coastal village of Punta Colonet; see and bid on them here.

Most of the domains mentioned in this article can be bought at their respective address, or by submitting your offer as a "comment" to this blog. To create your own new domains for under $10, visit Moniker ( And by the way, you can also buy this gem – at that address.

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