Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sarah Palin (Sarah Six Pack) Is Back In The News, Her Is For Sale

Sarah Palin is going on Oprah and promoting her book, "Goin' Rogue", with a national media tour, and sure enough, her favorite nickname, Sarah Six Pack, is back in the news as well. The domain is for sale. Buy it direct via email to

Friday, October 9, 2009

Le Whiff, or The Whiff of Luxury

Some clever folks at Harvard, of all places, came up with an inhalable chocolate product and lipstick-sized delivery system and they called it Le Whif. The idea grabbed the attention of the media, which gave the product global free publicity. The problem was, the inventors/marketers gave the product a dumb name, and opened the door to unlimited and perfectly legal domain name opportunities.

Why did they name it Le Whif?

If they were going after a primarily American or English-speaking audience, they should have spelled it right - Le Whiff (as in The majority of media stories on the device spelled it with 2 f's. Second, why use the word whif or whiff anyway? In the U.S., a whiff of something is generally bad, odorous, off-putting. In baseball, a whiff is an embarrassing miss. These are negatives - not the sort of association you want for a consumable. Strange.

Maybe they had to misspell whiff because the word is in such wide use that they couldn't claim trademark rights to Le Whiff (with 2 f's). If you Google Le Whiff, you'll find wide use of that phrase, with many negative connotations, including one site using it to describe awful smells in France, with a photo of stinky cheese. Whiff alone returns 2.3 million links at Google. 

If you'd like to own, email your offer to

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Leave Your Heart in .NYC

Soon you'll be able to buy domains ending in .nyc instead of .com. New York City aims to become the first U.S. city to have its own top-level domain. Hundreds of thousands of New York businesses and individuals will likely rush to register the .nyc version of their present .com domains. What a windfall for major registration companies like Moniker! The city will also make money on the deal ($millions starting in 2010, according to NYC accountants), so expect many other cities to follow suit (.la, .sf, .phx, etc.).