Saturday, January 31, 2009

"Off The Grid" Can Mean Money

"The Grid" was a 2004 TV mini-series starring Dylan McDermott, but that's not why the phrase is so popular in the media and on the web.

The Grid can refer to mainstream life ("The loner abandoned creature comforts and was living off the grid"), the nation's energy infrastructure ("Obama is betting on a smart grid, a futuristic mix of information technology and traditional power lines"), the next-generation Internet ("Researchers say the Grid is the future of collaborative problem-solving") and many other things.

Ever heard of Off the Grid Sports, Off the Grid Entertainment,or Off the Grid Energy? Those phrases have already been registered as .coms, but the possibilities for additional domains are infinite.

Also consider domains like,,,,, and

Friday, January 30, 2009


The Moniker DomainFest Global internet auction of some 4500 domain names continues into February 5. Check out the list and bid on the ones you like. And use the list to come up with your own new domains! Go to

Sports Stats Domains

I was reading the sports section of the paper the other day and saw an item about a university athletics department employee who developed a way to transmit team statistics to cell phones. This allows fans and bettors to stay on top of games in real time.

I immediately reached for my keyboard and grabbed a bunch of short, and therefore attractive, domains:

You see the pattern. There are lots more similar domains waiting to be created -- by YOU?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Good Health Domains Are Good for Your Wallet

The health benefits of red wine are making headlines again, as they have every six months or so for the last several years. This news can make you rich, not just healthy.

The red wine media frenzy this time was kicked off by a report on the TV show 60 Minutes on January 25. New research suggests that the antioxidant resveratrol that is found in wine grapes, blueberries and cranberries not only reduces weight, fights heart disease, Alzheimer’s and cancer, but also significantly extends your life. (Sirtris Pharmaceuticals is a leading researcher on resveratrol.)

How does that make you rich? Fresh attention to this health issue creates fresh opportunities to cash in by creating and selling Internet domains (web addresses) relating to red wine and resveratrol. Examples of these domains include:

The market in domain names is booming, despite or maybe because of the otherwise depressed economy. Anyone can register a new domain for around $10 at Dotster, GoDaddy or Google, then immediately turn around and sell it for hundreds or tens of thousands of dollars. Who’s buying these newly minted domains? Investors hoping to resell them for a profit in the future, and companies eager to attract web surfers to their products and services.

Recent domain sales have included for $55,000; for $150,000; and for $19,388.

An on-line auction, DomainFest Global, runs from January 29 to February 5 at Anyone can bid on some 5,000 domain names. Among the best are:

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

DomainFest Auction Underway!

A huge auction of some 5,000 domains is underway in Hollywood, with the on-line portion of the auction running into the afternoon of February 5. It's called DOMAINfest Global. (Click on those green words to get to the site, then check out the full list and enter your bids.)

Among the better domains being sold are:

If you want to avoid the risk of prices running away from your budget during the auction, you can submit offers to buy most of these domains at their www websites; there's usually a "Submit Offer Here" link somewhere on the site.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Capitalize on Breaking News

In an earlier post, I gave one tip on how to find inspiration for new domain names. Here's another way -- scan the latest news reports. Last Sunday provided a prime example of how to do this.

I spotted a story in the on-line version of the London (England) Daily Mail headlined "Now You Can CATCH Obesity .. spreading fat cells are linked to a virus." The paper used the common word "bug" to refer the virus.

At that point, this British tabloid article was the only fat bug story on Google News.

I immediately registered and set up the page, at no charge, at Revenue Direct, showing an asking price of "$3500 or Best Offer". Revenue Direct creates a web page full of advertising links; when a visitor clicks on a link, I get paid anything from pennies to a couple dollars, depending on the advertiser. It's a good way to generate some small cash while you're waiting for somebody to come along and offer serious money to buy the domain outright.

By Monday, Google News was loaded with links to Fat Bug stories, from all the TV networks and major dailies to small town papers and zillions of websites.

I figure will be a great magnet for a diet pill or diet plan marketer, eager to draw consumers to its primary selling site. It's a no-brainer!

By the way, here's a great website for the inside scoop on domaineering - Domain Name Wire.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Domains Ending in .in, Rather than .com

Recently, it became possible to register domains ending in .in, rather than .com, .net, etc.

The .in suffix actually stands for India, but its practical value is totally unrelated to that fact. Since .in looks and reads as the word "in", you can create an infinite number of domain names that read as phrases ending with the word "in".

As in... (too bad, somebody already bought, but now you get the idea).

I picked up, a good marketing vehicle for any company selling spa goods and services, expensive clothing or other luxe goods and services.

I checked out about 20 "in" phrases, and nearly all were taken. TheFixIs.In was still available, and if you put your mind to it, you can surely think of many valuable .in domains worth investing a few dollars "in".

Just today, as a GodDaddy customer, I received a special offer -- $14.99 for a one-year .in domain registration. That's more than the $10 or so you can register a .com domain for, but about half the price normally charged for a foreign domain. A good deal!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Weekly Domain Sales Reports

When you're trying to think up valuable new domains, this is a great way to get your creative juices flowing...

Visit the DN Journal, a web report, updated every Tuesday, that lists about 100 of the prior week's domain sales from a few thousand dollars up to millions.

Many times I have created knock off domains and sold them for good money.

For instance, seeing that sold for $40,000 (reported Jan 20, 2009), there's a good chance that other "Hotel" combination domains will have similar value. Try registering every good combo you can think of. Also try "Resort" combos, "Inn" combos, etc. It's that easy!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obama Is Making WIND A Money-Maker

There’s lots of money in wind! President Obama is making federal financial support for alternative energy – wind, solar, geothermal, biomass, algae, etc. – cornerstones of his economic development policy.

That means each of these industries is going to BOOM, starting this year.

One CHEAP way to cash in on the boom is to buy web domains (Internet addresses) that wind industry companies are going to want, either because the domain would make a good company name, or because the domain could be turned into a popular and successful site to market a wind company’s products or services.

For example, the domains and are sure to be attractive to newly formed companies selling energy-generating windmills. will attract lots of folks with questions about where it’s legal to install a wind turbine. The same for is perfect for a company selling kits to the public. Especially valuable are and – they’re both short, easy to remember, and could be built into informative sites with lots of advertising. has obvious appeal, as do more colorful and very memorable (therefore valuable) domains like and

All of the above domains can be purchased at each of those websites. Click on the “Buy This Domain” box on the left of those webpages.

Easy Money! ($5 becomes $35,000)

Yesterday, the wire services reported that a private domaineer sold to the foundation running George W. Bush’s presidential library for a whopping $35,000. He had paid only $5 for the domain. Talk about easy money!

We’ve found a few more valuable domains that are going to auction in DOMAINfest Global later this month: (a REALLY valuable domain for fans of Gov. Palin!)

If you want to grab any of these domains before they go to auction (where prices can skyrocket), go directly to the domain and click on the "Buy This Domain" button that usually appears on the left of the web page. You can make an offer right there.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Auction Action Jan 29 - Feb 5, 2009

A lot of domains with extraordinary profit potential are going up for auction January 29 to February 5 in Moniker’s DOMAINfest Global. You can access the full list and by clicking on this link.

Top value domains available there include:, and

"Domaineer" Defined

Verb: create, buy, monetize as advertising vehicles, and sell Internet domain names; also, Noun: one who creates, buys, monetizes and sells domain names for profit (dictionary - "domaineer")