Friday, February 27, 2009

Lawyers Need Good Marketing Domains!

There are 1.1 million lawyers in the U.S., according to the American Bar Association. That’s one lawyer for every 265 Americans. Around the world, the numbers go out of sight — India has a million, Brazil nearly 600,000 and so on.

What does that mean to the domainer? OPPORTUNITY! Every lawyer needs a website or two or more, to attract business. Think of clever domains that can be used to market legal services and you have potential winners.

Try (California DWI Lawyer), substituting other states up front; (using city or state names up front);,,,, and so on.

Get creative! Three out of four homes in the U.S. have pets. There’s a huge and growing demand for legal services on behalf of dogs and cats. Think, and similar domains.

Lawyers generally are hungry for clients and can afford to pay healthy premiums for good marketing domains.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Intentional Miss-Spellings

Fingers slip. Brains nap. We try to type a domain name into a search engine or address line and we mess up.

You can profit when other people make those mistakes. Buy domain names that are common miss-spellings of popular domains.

For instance, India's space agency in November 2009 will launch a global image service that will be far more detailed, accurate and compelling than Google Earth.

Google Earth provides single-layered images with zoom levels up to 200 meters and images updated every 4 years. Bhuvan, however, will provide multi-layered images with zoom levels up to 10 meters and images updated every year.

How many millions of people will want to visit the web portal yearly? But how many will miss-type the name, and instead go to Buy the miss-spelled and fill it with advertising, or link it to another commercial website and bring tens of thousands of new eyeballs to your desired page. And sell your site for a fat profit.

People have made small fortunes with miss-spelled domains that are similar to popular drug names, celebrity names, city names and more. It's eezy money!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Obama's Pooch A Domain Winner - FDOTUS

As the LA Times "The Envelope" blog explains, the Obamas are planning on installing a pooch in the White House in April.

In official Washington (and especially to the Secret Service), that dog will be known as FDOTUS - First Dog Of The United States. The shorthand is standard for DC, where the Prez is POTUS (President of the US), the First Lady is FLOTUS, the Supreme Court is SCOTUS (really!), and so on.

Anyone want to buy

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Little Publicity Can't Hurt

We've issued a press release about domaineering at Free Press Release. See it by clicking HERE.

News from the Domain Industry

Revenue Direct, which is the premier provider of Parking services (they'll load your domain page with advertisers' links, at no cost to you, then send you monthly checks based on the number of times people clicked on those links), advised clients today that they have been acquired by SEDO, one of the biggest domain selling agents in the domaineering universe.

Just a week ago, SEDO handled the largest domain sale of 2009 -- for $380,000.

The combination of the two companies should be good for us domaineers.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Make A Bundle of Money on Mexico!

Mexico wants you, smart domaineer that you are, to make money fast. It's true.

In 2008, the government of Mexico was all set to launch the biggest construction project in the country's history. They plan to turn a sleepy farming town called Punta Colonet on the western shore of Baja Mexico into the world's biggest deep-water container port.

But then the U.S. and world economies collapsed. So Mexico postponed the bidding on billions of dollars worth of construction contracts. The new date for accepting those bids is April 2009. If the contracts are awarded... massive fortunes will be made, overnight. (An indication that the project is back on track came on February 27, 2009, when the regional government announced the formation of an environmental impact group to provide input on the pending massive development program.)

Everything will be built from scratch -- housing for 250,000 workers and their families; roads, stores, banks, homes, schools... you name it.

And every aspect of this new city will require Internet domain names.,,, and so on.

Let your imagine go wild and register every sort of domain name that a fast-growing community will need. (Don't forget, every town within 100 miles will grow fast as well, providing lots more of the same domain opportunities.) Then prepare to sell them all for megabucks!

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Building A Winning Website

If you're thinking about building an attractive website for one of your domains, I can plug you in to an awesome firm. The founder is Dr. John Horn, the world-recognized father of open-source computing, so you know you're getting the absolute BEST in website optimization and search engine optimazation -- meaning that your site will get maximum promotion at Google Search, Yahoo Search and all the other 100's of search engines.

If you're hoping to sell products or services, or you just want your opinions and information to be viewed by lots of people, optimization is a must.

The BEST news about these site builders? THEY'RE CHEAP! Entire gorgeous, interactive and fully omptimized sites can be built for as little as $2,000. That's a fraction of what most companies charge.

For info, click on "comment" below and type in your name and email address. Your comment will not be published; only I will see it. I'll get right back to you with details.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Politics Makes Strange Bedfellows... and Good Money for Domaineers

Republican Whip Eric Cantor of Virginia is gaining enormous media attention as he emerges as the fresh, young (45ish) spokesman of the party, at least as far as the House of Representatives is concerned. That has people talking about his political future, perhaps on the GOP presidential ticket.

Think about buying domains like and, neither of which have been registered as of this writing.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Get Ready for the Stock Market's Rise

One of these days, the stock market is going to rebound and investors are going to jump back in, in a big way. Now is the time to create and buy domain names that will make you money as the market takes off.

You should be thinking of domains that would attract investors' interest... like These domains will be of value to stock promoters, investment advisors and individual companies hoping to convince people to invest in them. For example, here's one that nobody has registered yet:

Also, there are a lot of businesses in need of financing as they try to emerge from these tough economic times. Domains like should sell for good prices.

Web addresses like and can be real moneymakers. Look at the established website for an example of how such sites can be built up. And remeber, you can always "park" your domains for free with Revenue Direct, and collect advertising income while you wait for a buyer for your domains.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

DomainFest Auction Results

Moniker's DomainFEST Auction ended last week and made a fair amount of money for several hundred domaineers.

The big money went for at a cool $100,000. Also for $60,000, and each at $58,830, at $50,000, and at $45,000.

Lots of quick profits were made as folks who bought domains for $10 sold them for around $5,000 each. Examples:,, and, to name a few.

Lesson to be learned from these results: Almost any word or combination of words can produce quick profits for the creative domaineer.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Obama Making A Domaineer Money with "I Screwed Up"

The daily news headlines are ripe with domain name ideas.

The other day, President Obama proclaimed, "I screwed up!" and within hours the domain was sold for $5,000. That's a very low price, so expect it to be resold for much more very soon.

Did you watch the Super Bowl ads? One clever TV addict registered which is the new name adopted by the MacGruber character from Saturday Night Live who was featured in Pepsi's SuperBowl ad.

At least once a month, the media jumps on the story about wave after wave of medical research showing a connection between the use of skin moisturizers and cancer. The value of the doman is obvious.

And not a day goes by without fresh news of corruption, fraud, food poisoning and other calamities ... all of which point to pending litigation. Enter the domain, which is bound to sell for megabucks to a marketing-oriented law firm.

Bottom line: See what's in the news, then register valuable new domains.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Are Advertising Agencies Potential Buyers of Your Domains?

A friend of mine has a theory: To get really high prices (6 and 7 figures) for domain names, sell them to the advertising agencies or marketing consultants that serve big companies.

He figures that corporations have the most money to spend on domains, but their ad and marketing agencies are the ones who can see the value in domains, and who won't mind spending their clients' cash to buy them.

If he's right, that puts a new focus on how you create, price and promote your domains.

For example, let's say you're an ad executive with a big tobacco company as a client. Philip Morris (which sells Marlboro Snus), Altria (Skoal Dry Smokeless) and Reynolds (Camel Snus), just to name the biggest, are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to launch new smokeless tobacco products (sometimes called "snus", and often promoted as being "spitless"), aiming to appeal to smokers who are trying to quit. (Medical authorities say that smokeless tobacco is up to 10,000 times safer than cigarettes.)

What domain names would help your client promote their products? How about,,, and

Each of these domains are to-the-point and memorable, making them ideal for incorporation into advertising and marketing campaigns, to bring consumers to web pages introducing smokeless products and encouraging their use, especially by smokers.

What are these, and similar domain names that you can think of, worth? We won't know until we offer the domains to the ad and marketing industry. Stay tuned!

By the way... good info and links on when and how to use and choose a PR firm are at

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


There are 5,000 domain names being offered at the Moniker DomainFest Global auction. Click on those green words to get to Moniker's Marketplace page, then click on Extended Online Auction Info to get to the complete list of domains.

If you're in the mood to buy a name, this is a great list. If you're looking for domain name ideas, these will give you lots to think about.