Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Park Domains with SEDO to Make Money While Awaiting A Big Buyer

After you create or buy domains, while you’re waiting for someone to pay big bucks to take them off your hands, you can “park” them with a reputable company like SEDO and generate a steady cash flow. SEDO will, for free, set up a web page at your domain’s address, and populate it with advertising links. Every time someone clicks on a link, SEDO pays you.

The variety of domains that can generate several dollars per click is amazing. Domains like CancerDNAtest.com, WhoCanIScrew.com, InsuringYourPets.com, PuntaColonetLawyers.com, SwitchToSnus.com, DarkCircleRemedies.com, PAC10Stats.com, SwitchToSmokeless.com and  GoingRougue.com are significant $$ producers. And they’re for sale. Submit your confidential offers to buy any of these domains as a “comment” on this blog.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Leapin' Leptin! You Can Buy LeptinPills.com!

The Journal of the American Medical Association made a lot of headlines this week when it published research showing that higher levels of leptin in the bloodstream resulted in a lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. We jumped at the news and bought LeptinPills.com, which you can buy by submitting an offer as a “comment” on this blog (it will be kept confidential). As we have said before, keep your eyes on the news and buy domains tied to breaking stories that have “legs”, meaning the key words will have strong marketing value long into the future.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Why Buy Punta Colonet Domains? (To Get Rich!)

Why spend $10 to create a new Punta Colonet domain, or spend $thousands to purchase an existing domain (such as PuntaColonetLawyers.com)? There are two answers: 1) to make money reselling the domain, or 2) to use the domain to market your business.

In the first instance, you're basically investing from $10 to $100,000 in one or more web addresses, so that you can later (tomorrow? next year?) sell the domain(s) to others for far more money. As noted in an earlier blog entry, the geographic domain Russia.com, which someone created for $10, recently sold for $1.5 million. As the mega-port project moves ahead, domains with PuntaColonet in them should sell very strongly.

In the second case, you'll buy a domain because it will help you build your business. For instance, if you're planning on selling Punta Colonet real estate, you'll want to use the domain PuntaColonetHomes.com or PuntaColonetProperty.com to attract people looking for houses or land.

You can see a list of some valuable Punta Colonet domains HERE; submit your offer to buy any of them by submitting a "comment" to this blog. To create new domains for under $10 each, go HERE for 100% reliable service.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tiger Woods Has Been Tigering... Who Else is Doing the Same?

Everything “Tiger Woods” is surging in value, as notoriety only builds interest in public figures. You can buy the domains Tigering.com and TigersPlaymates.com from domainvalues@yahoo.com, or by submitting your offer as a "comment" on this blog.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Immediate Money to Be Made with "Punta Colonet" Domains

The Mexican government is preparing to finance construction of a mega-port in the tiny Pacific Coast village of Punta Colonet. If you’re thinking of doing business in Punta Colonet (construction, hotel, car rental, bank, law firm, etc.), or if you just want to make money buying and selling domains (web addresses), register or buy Punta Colonet domains  NOW. Prices are only going higher as the mega-port project advances. See available domains here.

To give you an idea of what these domains could command in the future, here are a few geographic domain sales reported just last week: Russia.com sold for $1.5 million; Rio.com went for $450,000; and Lodging.co.uk sold for $19,873.

Get your Punta Colonet domains (web addresses) now, for your own use or for profitable resale as the mega-port comes to fruition. Create new domains here for under $10.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sarah Palin Book Tour; SarahSixPack.com Sale

Last year's Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin (known as Sarah Six Pack) is starting a book tour next week to sell her memoir, "Going Rogue: An American Life." She'll start off her 2012 presidential campaign, er... book tour... by visiting Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Virginia, North Carolina, Alabama and Florida. After Thanksgiving, she'll head West. Palin got an advance of more than $1.25 million from her publisher. For a lot less, you can buy the domain SarahSixPack.com. Submit your confidential offer as a "comment" on this blog; minimum $7500.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cancer DNA Test - Learn Your Risk of Disease Before It Happens

It’s the newest cancer fad: Send in a sample of your spit, a company analyzes your DNA, and you get a report telling you whether you’re at risk for a particular type of cancer. In theory, you can then take steps to avoid the disease.

For instance, are you worried about your chances of getting breast or ovarian cancer? There are DNA tests that look for particular genes that have been shown to increase the risk for those diseases. Recent studies show that women who test positive for one of two genetic mutations have an 85% chance of developing breast or ovarian cancer by the time they turn 70.

Are you afraid you might get Parkinson’s disease? A DNA test can help gauge your risk. The founder of Google, Sergey Brin, sent a sample of his spit and ordered a gene test from 23andMe, a company co-founded by his wife Anne Wojcicki, and learned that he has a mutant gene linked to Parkinson’s disease. 23andMe told Brin that he has “a markedly higher chance of developing Parkinson’s in my lifetime than the average person… somewhere between 20% to 80% depending on the study and how you measure,” he says. Brin notes that with this knowledge he can modify his lifestyle (exercise may ward off the symptoms of Parkinson’s) and chose to invest in research to find a cure for the disease.

Another company offering a DNA test to assess the risk of getting Parkinson’s is Matrix Genomics, which also offers risk tests for Alzheimer’s, acute myocardial infarction (heart attack) and breast cancer. Pathway Genomics sells test a $299 package that test for genetic predisposition for 90 diseases and conditions, from prostate cancer to diabetes and more.

If you’re a smoker, you can use the Respiragene kit to collect your spit on a swab, mail it to Synergenz BioScience, a New Zealand company, and they’ll tell you whether you’re at moderate or high risk for lung cancer. With that info, you can decide whether to quit smoking, switch to snus, switch to smokeless, use a nicotine replacement product like Zonnic Gum, or just keep enjoying your cigarettes.

Keep in mind, these and similar tests for cancer and other diseaes don’t detect the disease itself. They look for signs that you’re at higher risk for getting the disease.

One way to capitalize on this growing genetic or DNA-based industry is to create, buy and sell domains (web addresses) that testing companies can use to attract customers. Consumers interested in learning about tests will usually type “cancer DNA test” into Google or other search engines. The company that buys the domain CancerDNAtest.com will get the largest share of those potential customers. The domain CancerDNAtest.com can be set up to take visitors right to the company’s product information and ordering page. LungCancerDNATest.com, ParkinsonsDNAtest.com and similar domains can be used in the same fashion. New domains can be registered at Moniker for under $10 each. For valuable advice on how to profit from the creation, buying and selling of domains, visit the Domaineering blog at http://domaineering.wordpress.com/.

DNA testing is opening new worlds for consumers and opportunities for businesses and enterprising domaineers.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Swine Flu Can Make You Money

As discussed elsewhere, the flu can have a silver lining, in the form of valuable domain names. It was noted that AtHomeFluTesting.com and NoFluZone.com were likely winners, meaning they can be sold for nice profits. You should focus now on swine flu domains, like AtHomeSwineFluTest.com. In view of today's U.S. Government warnings about the threat of flu for pet dogs and cats, you might consider buying DogFluVirus.com and similar pet domains. Register your creative flu domains for under $10 at Moniker. Buy any of the above domains by submitting your offer as a ”comment” on this blog (it will not be published).

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sarah Palin (Sarah Six Pack) Is Back In The News, Her SarahSixPack.com Is For Sale

Sarah Palin is going on Oprah and promoting her book, "Goin' Rogue", with a national media tour, and sure enough, her favorite nickname, Sarah Six Pack, is back in the news as well. The domain SarahSixPack.com is for sale. Buy it direct via email to DomainValues@yahoo.com.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Le Whiff, or The Whiff of Luxury

Some clever folks at Harvard, of all places, came up with an inhalable chocolate product and lipstick-sized delivery system and they called it Le Whif. The idea grabbed the attention of the media, which gave the product global free publicity. The problem was, the inventors/marketers gave the product a dumb name, and opened the door to unlimited and perfectly legal domain name opportunities.

Why did they name it Le Whif?

If they were going after a primarily American or English-speaking audience, they should have spelled it right - Le Whiff (as in LeWhiff.com). The majority of media stories on the device spelled it with 2 f's. Second, why use the word whif or whiff anyway? In the U.S., a whiff of something is generally bad, odorous, off-putting. In baseball, a whiff is an embarrassing miss. These are negatives - not the sort of association you want for a consumable. Strange.

Maybe they had to misspell whiff because the word is in such wide use that they couldn't claim trademark rights to Le Whiff (with 2 f's). If you Google Le Whiff, you'll find wide use of that phrase, with many negative connotations, including one site using it to describe awful smells in France, with a photo of stinky cheese. Whiff alone returns 2.3 million links at Google. 

If you'd like to own LeWhiff.com, email your offer to DomainValues@yahoo.com.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Leave Your Heart in .NYC

Soon you'll be able to buy domains ending in .nyc instead of .com. New York City aims to become the first U.S. city to have its own top-level domain. Hundreds of thousands of New York businesses and individuals will likely rush to register the .nyc version of their present .com domains. What a windfall for major registration companies like Moniker! The city will also make money on the deal ($millions starting in 2010, according to NYC accountants), so expect many other cities to follow suit (.la, .sf, .phx, etc.).

Friday, September 11, 2009

Punta Colonet to Get 60,000 Homes, Power Plant, Airport and More to Support Megaport

Baja California Governor Jose Osuna Millan today reaffirmed plans to build the megaport at Punta Colonet, saying that economic conditions require only that it be built a little smaller than originally contemplated. He said that a mimimum of 60,000 homes will be built in what is today a fishing village. He also said that an airport, industrial zones and at least one electric power plant will be part of the massive construction program.

Those Punta Colonet domains -- PuntaColonetYellowPages.com, PuntaColonetInfo.com, PortColonetBay.com, PortColonet.com, ElPuertoDePuntaColonet.com, PuntaColonetLawyers.com, PuntaColonetHomes.com and PuntaColonetCarRentals.com, to name a few -- will be worth a fortune! Buy some today at Moniker or SEDO or submit your offers direct (avoid commissions) to DomainValues@yahoo.com. For the latest news on the meg-port project, vist the Punta Colonet Blog.

Friday, September 4, 2009

6 Domains Have Sold for 7 Figures in 2009

Let's see... Someone created the domain Call.com for under $10, and it sold in recent days for a whopping $1.1 million. Nice! The sale was handled by the #1 domain company, SEDO. If you want to register a new domain or shop for a good existing one, click on the Moniker or SEDO link at the right and go for it!

Jam That Cell Phone!

You go to the movies and no matter how clever the request is for everyone to turn off their cell phones, all through the movie you hear cell phones ringing, see cell phone screens glowing, and hear people talking on the damn things. Same thing in Broadway theaters and church services. In prisons, convicts use smuggled cell phones to set up prison breaks and even orchestrate revenge killings and conduct drug trafficking in the community outside prison walls.

How to stop all this? Jam cell phone signals. Cell jammers (CellJammers.com) are legal in most countries, but they're not in the U.S. Since no one's ever been arrested for using a cell jammer in the States, there are lots of them for sale all over the Internet. Congress is preparing to legalize jammers for some uses (like prisons), but pressure from many other groups assures that they'll soon be legal for everyone. 

One company uses the domain CellJammer.com (the singular) to market its products, but the plural CellJammers.com is available from DomainValues@yahoo.com; they're asking $1500, a bargain. To register your own domain creations, click on Moniker.

From a personal security standpoint, another signal jamming issue arises from the use of RFID signal emitters in everything from credit cards to passports. That makes the domain RFIDsignaljammer.com worth bucks. Buy it from DomainValues@yahoo.com.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Punta Colonet Is About to Make YOU Rich (IF You're Buying Domains)!

There's fresh news today from the Government of Mexico: The mega-port WILL be built in the tiny fishing village of Punta Colonet on Mexico's Pacific shore, and the new schedule will be announced in about 30 days.

Juan Molinar Horcasitas, head of the Ministry of Communications & Transport, announced on August 17 that despite the economy, the project is moving ahead. He has four consortia bidding, which are likely to include these companies -- Hutchinson Ports Holding (HPH), Union Pacific, MTC Holdings, Ferrocarril Mexicano (Ferromex) and the construction Impulsora Development and Jobs in America Latina (Ideal), BNSF Railway, Canadian Maersk Line, Dubai Ports, CMA CGM and others.

If you have not already bought domains like VisitPuntaColonet.com, MegapuertoDePuntaColonet.com, PuntaColonetLawyer.com and PuntaColonetHomes.com, DO IT NOW! As this city begins to take shape, commercial domain names are going to soar in value. Buy domains with confidence here: Moniker. Or emai your offer for the above domains to DomainValues@yahoo.com.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Guaymas Domains, Almost as Good as Punta Colonet Domains

As we've said, if Mexico builds a commercial port and creates a thriving city at Punta Colonet, domains tied to that community will skyrocket in value. But in the meantime, the Mexican city of Guaymas is seeing its port expand, providing immediate profits to Guaymas-related domain investors.

Domains like GuaymasRestaurants.com, GuaymasYellowPages.com, GuaymasCarRentals.com and GuaymasProperty.com are for sale cheap. If you can think of similar domains, register them right away for under $10 and plan to sell them soon for MUCH more.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Amazing Amazon

I'm experimenting with a half-dozen of my domains, setting up themed stores at Amazon, using their Affiliate program, and showing those stores to people who visit my domains. Check out LeWhiff.com or FDOTUS.com (that's First Dog of the U.S.).

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Your Ship's Coming In at Punta Colonet, Mexico

The global economic downturn seems to have bottomed out, and Mexico’s government is re-committing to construction of their $5 billion mega-port in what is currently the sleepy fishing village of Punta Colonet on the Pacific Coast. The executive coordinator of the project, Jose Rubio, said today that the development plan remains in force; changes in the the bidding process will soon be announced by the Ministry of Communications and Transport (SCT) .

We’ve talked about this project before, and emphasized that an entire city is about to emerge from nothing. That means an explosion of domain opportunities, including but not at all limited to these:

PuntaColonetYellowPages.com, PuntaColonetInfo.com, PortColonetBay.com, VisitPuntaColonet.com, MegapuertoDePuntaColonet.com, PuntaColonetDentist.com, PuntaColonetLawyer.com, PuntaColonetHomes.com, PuntaColonetRestaurants.com, PuntaColonetLodgings.com, PuntaColonetRentalCars.com, PuntaColonetProperty.com, PuntaColonetFreight.com, PuntaColonetTrucking.com, PuntaColonetFreightForwarding.com and PuntaColonetJobs.com.

Get these, or your own, NOW, before the world learns about this emerging opportunity. To buy any of the above, email your offer to DomainValues@yahoo.com.

There are some fresh insights into the Punta Colonet project at this blog, and also at this one.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

"Sarah Six Pack" Palin's Fourth of July

Sarah Palin seems to be rolling the dice again in national politics, and this time it’s a good bet she’s going for the presidency itself. That means she’s injected new life and $value$ in Sarah domains, like the old favorite, SarahSixPack.com. Register your Palin domains now; $10 could make you $thousands!

You now can buy a variety of Palin items at SarahSixPack.com.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Domain Income Is Blowing in the Wind

The wind blowing across your roof and backyard is worth money. A new 30% U.S. tax credit combined with state and local tax incentives makes backyard windmills (BackyardWindEnergy.com) very attractive. You can keep the planet green while you put green in you pocket.

Some 10,000 small windmills or wind turbines were sold in the U.S. last year, but the American Wind Energy Association predicts the number will increase 30-fold in just five years. Clearly, turbine marketers and installers are going to boom.

Also booming is the market for domains, or Internet addresses, associated with wind energy. Memorable, descriptive domains attract customers. Take SitingWindTurbines.com and SitingWindmills.com, for instance. Or consider the value of DoItYourselfWindmills.com and ProfitFromWind.com for the makers of kits.

Wind turbine marketers can find plenty of customers with InTheWindEnergy.com, WindTurbines411.com, and OffTheGridEnergy.com (which also has value to solar equipment dealers).

Financing wind or solar is always an issue. Those matters can be dealt with through InvestingInWindPower.com, FinancingWindTurbines.com and CleanTechTaxCredits.com.

There’s actually a toll-free 800-number available that can be readily marketed via the domain 1800AltFuel.com.

The AWEA estimates that a whopping 13 million U.S. homes could benefit from small windmills, ranging in height from 30-140 feet. Professional installation is usually required, especially since they require safe electrical hook-ups to the home and the electrical grid. Installers can use domains like AAAWindEnergy.com, AAAWwindTurbines.com and InTheWindPower.com.

Oh, and for lawyers and those opposed to having wind turbines going up in their areas, take a look at WindTurbineInjuries.com, WindTurbineSuits.com and SuingWindTurbines.com.
Wind energy (ResponsibleFuel.com) is a reality today, and it’s making a lot of people rich. To cash in on this new field, consider buying the domains mentioned above. Each can be purchased at its dot-com address.

You can now buy a home wind turbine and get lots of helpful literature on the subject at backyardwindturbine.com.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Place Your Domain Bets on Haley Barbour

Iit’s a whole new ballgame in the race for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination.

Two frontrunners, Senator John Ensign and Governor Mark Sanford, just killed their chances by admitting to having affairs. Ensign was the 4th highest ranking Republican in the Senate. Sanford was chairman of the national Republican governors’ association.

In the fast-narrowing field of candidates, it suddenly looks like Mississippi governor and long-time leading Republican strategist Haley Barbour may be the party’s #1 prospect for the presidency. That makes domains like BarbourForPresident 2012.com, HaleyBarbourForPresident2012.com and others in that vein potentially valuable. Pick your 2012 candidates and lock up some good domains today!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Matrixx Class Action Reloaded

Matrixx, the maker of the popular cold fighter Zicam, has just announced it's pulling its products from store shelves, following a warning from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that Zicam has been linked to 130 cases of consumers losing their sense of smell. The company was sued in 2006 over the same issue; it settled more than 300 lawsuits at that time for $millions. Here we go again.

Let the class action lawsuits begin! And not just for the 1,000's of consumers who will claim loss of their ability to smell, but also for 1,000's of investors who have watched their stock (MTXX) plummet from $20 to $6 (Ouch!).

I grabbed matrixxclassaction.com and expect to sell it quickly to one of the many law firms looking to profit by attracting consumers and investors looking sue the company.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Medical Domains Mean Quick Profits

Breaking medical/health news is always a prime hunting ground for valuable domain ideas. Just yesterday, two medical research stories proved the point.

The global media went nuts over a dermatology journal report on fluorouracil cream, a chemotherapy agent that researchers now say is an effective anti-aging wrinkle-remover. Given the enormous size of the anti-aging market, any domain incorporating the word "fluorouracil" is pretty much guaranteed to have value. I bought fluorouracilcream.com for $7, registered it with SEDO, and got a $400 offer 2 hours later. I chose to put the domain into SEDO's 7-day auction with a reserve of $400. That means if no one bids higher, the original offer of $400 will be accepted -- a nice one-week return on investment. [The SEDO auction closed on June 22, with a second bidder coming in with one minute to spare, and closing out the sale at $410... netting me $369 on the sale.]

A second medical story popped up yesterday, offering more domaineering opportunities. A new study shows that red yeast rice capsules lower the risk of heart attack and are an effective substitute for statins, expensive drugs used to lower cholesterol and fight off heart attacks. Since statins are among the most heavily prescribed drugs, domains tied to "red yeast rice" are surefire winners. I grabbed redyeastricepill.com, but there are lots more combinations available.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sweet! Candy.com Sells for $3 Million

Lousy economy? Not in the wild world of domain sales! In just the past week, two domains sold for seven figures. Candy.com went for a cool $3 million, and Webcam.com brought $1,020,000. And remember -- each of those domains cost less than $10 to create. That's a heck of a return.

If you've got some good ideas for, ahem, "adult" domains (as in dirty words and phrases), you can submit them for free listing in the upcoming Moniker auction. Not all adult domains are disgusting. Consider SexyDirtySecrets.com, 6xLonger.com or LeWhiff.com, all of which can be purchased via email to DomainValues@yahoo.com.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Dirty Domains Auction August 7-9

They're called "adult domains" but they're just dirty or suggestive domain names, like teensexting.com or whocaniscrew.com, and they almost always attract good money. Moniker, the big domain seller, will hold an auction for such names August 7-9, but you've got to submit your domains for them to review by June 24. If you've got one or 100, send them in from this address -- it's all free. Moniker takes a 10% commission on successful sales. What have you got to lose?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Delaware Vetting Betting - Domaineering Opportunities Abound

Last week, Delaware legalized sports betting and moved to allow table games (blackjack, craps, roulette, etc.) in its casinos. Delaware is the only state east of the Mississippi to alow betting on sports, including collegiate and professional. This is HUGE for domain names. There will be vastly increased interest in websites that provide team statistics, making domains like calstats.com, texasstats.com, pittstats.com and every other state, school and sport "stats.com" valuable. Someone should register delawaresportsparlors.com and similar domains that would provide links to other sites.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Place Your Bets - Online - FAST!

Gambling domains have always been HOT, meaning worth lots of cash. But a new crop of US-gambling-related domain names are about to make some domaineers RICH!

Congressman Barney Frank, a powerhouse in Washington, is about to launch a major effort to legalize online betting in the U.S. I predict the bill will pass and a world of valuable domain names that can be used to market U.S. gambling sites is about to open up. I grabbed betusaonline.com just now, just to dip my toe in the water, but you can think of dozens of cash-worthy domains. Get 'em now!

On-Line Auction Ends Thursday 12:15PM PT

Moniker's Silicon Valley TRAFFIC domain auction is in progress and you can bid right up to the closing at noon Thursday (May 7). If you've never seen a domain auction, be sure to click here and watch ad.com go for a cool $1.4 million at the live auction last week that preceded the current on-line auction.

Domain sales generally are going strong, despite the economy. Ron Jackson, Editor of Domain Name Journal, reports that first quarter '09 sales jumped 32% from the fourth quarter of '08 (28.3 million vs. $21.5 million).

I'm offering a number of domains in the auction, including: TechSectorJobs.com, NeverPayASpeedingTicket.com, CellJammers.com, The ContraceptivePill.com, EthanolBooster.com, VirginiaCharterSchools.com, InsuringYourPets.com and WindTurbineFinancing.com. Visit the auction and check out the full list to get your creative juices flowing!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Media Gets the Flu, Domain Values Soar

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, the media can create domain value in a flash, and they do it every day.

Take last October, for example, when the press reported that Russia’s Putin bought a satellite collar for his new dog, Koni. Google lit up with around 1300 links to stories mentioning the tracking technology embedded in the collar. That made SatelliteCollars.com an instant hit. The next time the media uses the phrase, whichever marketer owns the domain will enjoy a surge in orders.

Today’s media focus includes swine flu, of course, so everything “flu” is being grabbed up by savvy domaineers or by marketers themselves — of hand sanitizers, face masks, vitamins, emergency alert buzzers and so on. I’m offering NoFluZone.com, which should have broad appeal.

Stay on top of the news each day and register new domains tied to breaking stories - the ones that will stay in the news for weeks and months, and those that will recur frequently in the future.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Update on Mexico's Punta Colonet Mega-Port Project

First, you ask: How does a Mexican infrastructure project relate to making money with domain names? That's easy. If Mexico goes ahead with plans to spend $5 billion turning a tiny fishing and farming village called Punta Colonet into the world's biggest shipping center, 100's of domain names, most of which haven't been created yet, are going to skyrocket in value.

Now, what's the news on this project? April 24 was the deadline for companies to request the forms necessary to bid on construction of the megaport. According to Jose Rubio Soto, the government's project director, 42 companies met the deadline and a few more might be allowed to register. Soto said that despite the global economic gloom, Punta Colonet remains a priority for the Calderon government.

As of April 29, the Mexican government is saying there will be some additional delay but that the mega-port remains a top priority and will be developed. New deadlines are to announced within days.

This is very promising news for domaineers. Considering the construction that may be about to happen -- roads, homes, businesses, utilities, restaurants, hotels and so on -- there is going to be an explosion in demand for web addresses (domains) to advertise products and services to the world. Think of domains like PuntaColonetYellowPages.com, PuntaColonetLawyers.com, PuntaColonetCarRentals.com, PuntaColonetJobs.com and the like.

Just ask yourself: What does every city need in the way of goods, services and related domain names? Since this city (and surrounding suburbs) will be created literally from scratch, thousands of domains will be needed. Lock them up now for quick resale if Punta Colonet happens.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Some Good Domain Names Available in This Week's Auction

Thousands of domain names are up for bid at the Moniker T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Silicon Valley Auction this week. The live auction on April 29 produced an eye-popping sale of ad.com at $1.4 million; bottledwater.com sold for $45,000. The on-line auction run April 29 - May 7. Links here.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ouch! Special Domain Sale To Cover My Tax Payment

Well, I really took a hit on my taxes, so I’m holding a special sale on some of my choice domains. I’ve lowered the price, for a short time only, on each of the following to $350. Prices could go higher if there’s a bidding war on a particular domain. Email me via the “comment” link on this page.


For those with deeper pockets, I’m asking $4,000 for LeWhiff.com, $25,000 for WhoCanWeSue.com, and $50,000 for SwitchToSmokeless.com.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Brown Fat, A Money-Maker

Three new studies show that most adults have large deposits of "brown fat" -- calorie-burning cells that biologists once thought disappeared after infancy.

"This is a tissue whose sole physiological purpose is to expend energy," said Francesco S. Celi, a researcher at the National Institutes of Health. "That makes it an ideal target" for drugs or other measures designed to make it more active. At the moment, however, the only way to activate brown fat is to stay cold, on the verge of shivering, for prolonged periods.

So... brown fat can make you skinny and there may soon be a pill that will activate your brown fat, causing it to work extra hard at burning away those love handles. But can brown fat make you rich? Yes!

Domain names like BrownFatWeightLoss.com, Fat-BurningPill.com, TheExercisePill.com and (for Brits) TheFitPill.com are just a few that could attract big bucks from marketers of weight control products. The possibilities are infinite.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Make Money In Cuba (Cuban Domains, That Is)

As we noted a month ago, President Obama and Congress are moving rapidly to ease travel restrictions with Cuba. According to the New York Times, Americans will soon enjoy unlimited travel to our tiny neighbor, and U.S. citizens will be able to send unlimited cash back to Cuban family members.

U.S. investment opportunities in Cuba are going to soar.

That assures escalating value for domains like MakeMoneyInCuba.com, HavanaLodgings.com, or HavanaIndustriales.com (Cuba’s #1 baseball team) and city names like SaguaLaGran.com. Grab al the Cuban domains you can — they are money in the bank!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Take Heart -- The Polycapsule Will Save You!

The cure for heart disease appears to be the polycapsule. The pill combines five drugs that are already FDA-approved to lower blood pressure: the beta-blocker atenolol, the ACE inhibitor ramipril, the diuretic hydrocholorothiazide,the statin simvastatin and a 100-milligram dose of aspirin.

An Indian company, Cadila Pharmaceuticals, had researcher Salim Yusuf, MD, of McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, test the 5-in-1 pill on 2,000 people with one heart disease risk factor (obesity, high blood pressure or high cholesterol). A single once-a-day capsule can slash the average person’s risk of heart disease and stroke by half, according to Yusuf.

Count this drug as an all time-blockbuster success, just as soon as FDA approval is granted. That should happen fast, given the proven safety of the ingredients and the fact that research shows no greater side-effects for the polycapsule than there are for those taking the five meds separately.

Domaineer possibilities? You bet! Try 5-in-1pill.com, polycapsule.com, polycapscheap.com and related phrases.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Alzheimer's Is Always in the News

ABC today reports that one American develops Alzheimer's disease every 70 seconds; by midcentury, it will happen every 33 seconds. Aging baby boomers will soon swell the numbers of victims well beyond the current 5 million. According to the National Alzheimer's Study Group, about one in seven will get Alzheimer's by age 65. By 85, you have about a 50% chance of having the disease.

With many drug companies working on treatments and cures, there's a good market for disease-related domain names, like AlzheimersDiabetes.com, SlowingAlzheimers.com and TheAlzheimersPill.com.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Smokeless, Spitless and Profitable

The tobacco industry is among the very biggest advertising spenders among all consumer product marketers. So when RJ Reynolds rolls out a new smokeless tobacco product called Camel Orbs, it's major news, and another reminder of the money to be made in tobacco-related domaineering.

Reynolds is very busy in the smokeless, spitless tobacco field, introducing a bunch of Camel brand extensions, including Camel Snus, Camel Sticks and Camel Strips, in addition to the dissolvable Orbs.

A major aim for Reynolds, Altria (new owner of Skoal and other former US Tobacco products) and other alternative tobacco products is to provide new choices for smokers who want to quit, but still need to satisfy their fairly harmless nicotine addiction.

That makes domains like SpitlessTobacco.com, SpitlessTobaccoProducts.com, SwitchToSmokeless.com and
SwitchToSnus.com particularly valuable. You can probably come up with a dozen more.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Another Auction Coming Up

The next T.R.A.F.F.I.C. domain names auction is coming up April 29-May 7, but the deadline for submitting your domains for consideration is Friday, March 27. Go HERE to submit your domains. You'll have to open an account with Moniker and their sister organization, SnapNames, but it's all free. They only accept a small percentage of the many thousands of names they are offered, so don't be surprised if only one or two of your domains (or none) are welcomed into this auction.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Financial Terms for the New (?) Economy

The New York Times says locavesting (locavesting.com) is one of the top ideas to come out of 2008. It refers to investing in our own communities, putting our money into local small businesses. And it makes sense.

As the market surges higher (thank goodness!) people willl be looking for 10-fold returns on their investments (Ten-FoldReturn.com) and tomorrow's hot stocks (TomorrowsHotStocks.com).

As for any remaining Ponzi scheme operators out there -- you'd better be wearing bulletproof clothing (BulletProofApparel.com, Bullet-ProofClothing.com)!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Powerball (This Has Nothing to Do With Domains)

If you live in one of the 30 States, plus Washington D.C. or the US Virgin Islands, that offer PowerBall tickets, here's a prediction: The PowerPlay number will be FOUR (4) very soon!

Just look at the official Frequency Chart. The number 4 is the only one to have come up only twice in the PowerPlay column in all PowerBall history (that's since August 2005). Pure rule of mathematical odds dictate that 4 has some catching up to do, since most numbers have been picked 10-13 times for the PowerPlay.

Your welcome.

Movie Money-Makers

Movies and TV shows are loaded with money-making domain name possibilities.

Tina Fey's flick "Baby Mama" featured a fictitious company called Round Earth Foods... and the domain RoundEarthFoods.com was available and legal to privately own.

Snoop Dogg has a new show Tuesday nights called "Dogg After Dark", but he didn't trademark the name before the domain DoggAfterDark.com was registered. That domain is parked with Revenue Direct and is earning good money as an advertising vehicle. Of course, it's for sale. (Revenue Direct web pages always have a "Buy This Domain" box with a link to allow visitors to submit an offer to the seller.)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Cuban Domains, Si! And Turkey, too!

President Obama just announced he's going to ease travel and trade restrictions with Cuba, effectively ending the U.S.'s 40-year-old economic embargo of that island nation.

That means that a wide range of Cuba-related domain names are going to gain value, overnight. Get creative. Come up with domains like MakeMoneyInCuba.com, HavanaLodgings.com, or HavanaIndustriales.com (baseball team) and city names like SaguaLaGran.com.

The White House also recently announced that Obama will soon honor Turkey with a visit there, aiming to improve relations with that critical Moslem, democractic ally. Turkey-related domains may take on added value as that country's interaction with the U.S. expands. Focus on business-related domains there.

Mega-Bucks Still Available from Mega-Port Project

We’ve blogged before about the terrific profit potential of domain names relating to the proposed mega-port project in the sleepy Mexican town of Punta Colonet. Construction dates have slipped, owing to the global economic meltdown, but an authoritative source today says the multi-billion-dollar project is still going ahead.

Among the giant companies expected to bid on the Punta Colonet project are Mexico's largest construction firm, ICA Companies, multinational port operator Hutchison Port Holdings and French container shipping company CMA-CGM.

Every imaginable domain related to Punta Colonet (and surrounding towns) is bound to grow in value. Think of English and Spanish names like PortColonet.com, VisitPuntaColonet.com, MegapuertoDePuntaColonet.com, PuntaColonet411.com, PuntaColonetRentalCars.com and PuntaColonetFreightForwarding.com.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Stopping HIV/AIDS with GML

At last, scientists have found the silver bullet to stop the spread of AIDS. A simple gel or cream application of GML (glycerol monolaurate), a common chemical that exists naturally in humans and is safely used in ice cream and cosmetics, has been shown to protect monkeys from the HIV virus. Researchers expect the same protection for humans.

GML would be applied in the woman’s vagina, creating a protective barrier against the virus during sexual intercourse. A dose of GML, based on the new research, will cost less than a penny.

It is expected that the domains GMLgel.com, GMLcream.com and perhaps GinaGel.com will be acquired by savvy marketers eager to get commercial products into the hands of consumers. So long as no medical claims are made, GML products should be immediately available for sale.

AIDS has killed more than 25 million people. Worldwide, 16,000 people contract HIV every day — the majority getting infected through unprotected sex. Thirty-three million people are living with HIV today.

See related news story at http://www.prlog.org/10197361-gml-gel-and-gml-cream-kill-aidshiv.html.

This month, the FDA approved the first DNA tests for HPV, giving a company called Third Wave Technologies (a division of Hologic - Nasdaq HOLX) a huge boost. Think they’d like the domain HPVdnatesting.com?

All domains mentioned in this blog (hpvdnatesting.com, gmlgel.com, gmlcream.com, ginagel.com) are owned by this blogger. You can buy them -- submit your $$ offer as a "comment" to this blog.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Don’t Ya LOVE Pet Names!

Three out of four U.S. homes have pets. That means there’s a market for every imaginable domain name dealing with pets, pet supplies, pet food, pet services, veterinarians, pet hospitals and so on.

Take pet health, for example. Every physical or mental issue that worries humans is automatically transferred to our view of pets. That creates interest in PetMoodPills.com, PetPainPills.com, PetBehaviorModification.com, PetCancer411.com, DNAtestsForPets.com and the like.

Veterinarians are in constant demand, but like all professionals, they’re always eager to attract more business. That’s why vets are good marketing targets for domains like PetCancerVet.com, OncologyForPets.com, PetDocSearch.com, ChihuahuaDoctor.com, GermanShepherdVet.com and so on.

Did you know that dogs and cats can get sunburn? It’s true. So consider names like DogSunscreen.com, CatSunscreen.com and SunscreenForPets.com.

Would you ever live without insurance? Of course not! So, naturally, there’s a strong and growing interest in pet insurance. Ten companies dominate the field, with VPI leading the group. The number of insured pets has been growing 20% a year, according to The National Commission on Veterinary Economic Issues. Domain names of value can be as simple as InsuringYourPets.com

Pet names are golden for domain resales. President Obama's pooch will be FDOTUS - First Dog of the United States (just as he is officially POTUS and Michelle is FLOTUS).

Sell one or two good pet domains and you’ll be able to afford a spa weekend for you and your own pooch, kitten or other favorite critter. To buy any of the domains mentioned in this blog, email your offer to DomainValues@yahoo.com.

(I've issued a press release to get this message out to a broader audience.)

Friday, February 27, 2009

Lawyers Need Good Marketing Domains!

There are 1.1 million lawyers in the U.S., according to the American Bar Association. That’s one lawyer for every 265 Americans. Around the world, the numbers go out of sight — India has a million, Brazil nearly 600,000 and so on.

What does that mean to the domainer? OPPORTUNITY! Every lawyer needs a website or two or more, to attract business. Think of clever domains that can be used to market legal services and you have potential winners.

Try caldwilawyer.com (California DWI Lawyer), substituting other states up front; MaranaPersonalInjuryLawyer.com (using city or state names up front); TexasSelfDefenseLawyer.com, NeverPayASpeedingTicket.com, LegalSmackdown.com, WhoCanWeSue.com, QuickeeDivorce.com and so on.

Get creative! Three out of four homes in the U.S. have pets. There’s a huge and growing demand for legal services on behalf of dogs and cats. Think CatLawyer.com, AttorneyForPets.com and similar domains.

Lawyers generally are hungry for clients and can afford to pay healthy premiums for good marketing domains.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Intentional Miss-Spellings

Fingers slip. Brains nap. We try to type a domain name into a search engine or address line and we mess up.

You can profit when other people make those mistakes. Buy domain names that are common miss-spellings of popular domains.

For instance, India's space agency in November 2009 will launch a global image service that will be far more detailed, accurate and compelling than Google Earth.

Google Earth provides single-layered images with zoom levels up to 200 meters and images updated every 4 years. Bhuvan, however, will provide multi-layered images with zoom levels up to 10 meters and images updated every year.

How many millions of people will want to visit the Bhuvan.com web portal yearly? But how many will miss-type the name, and instead go to buvan.com? Buy the miss-spelled buvan.com and fill it with advertising, or link it to another commercial website and bring tens of thousands of new eyeballs to your desired page. And sell your buvan.com site for a fat profit.

People have made small fortunes with miss-spelled domains that are similar to popular drug names, celebrity names, city names and more. It's eezy money!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Obama's Pooch A Domain Winner - FDOTUS

As the LA Times "The Envelope" blog explains, the Obamas are planning on installing a pooch in the White House in April.

In official Washington (and especially to the Secret Service), that dog will be known as FDOTUS - First Dog Of The United States. The shorthand is standard for DC, where the Prez is POTUS (President of the US), the First Lady is FLOTUS, the Supreme Court is SCOTUS (really!), and so on.

Anyone want to buy FDOTUS.com???

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Little Publicity Can't Hurt

We've issued a press release about domaineering at Free Press Release. See it by clicking HERE.

News from the Domain Industry

Revenue Direct, which is the premier provider of Parking services (they'll load your domain page with advertisers' links, at no cost to you, then send you monthly checks based on the number of times people clicked on those links), advised clients today that they have been acquired by SEDO, one of the biggest domain selling agents in the domaineering universe.

Just a week ago, SEDO handled the largest domain sale of 2009 -- Dollars.com for $380,000.

The combination of the two companies should be good for us domaineers.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Make A Bundle of Money on Mexico!

Mexico wants you, smart domaineer that you are, to make money fast. It's true.

In 2008, the government of Mexico was all set to launch the biggest construction project in the country's history. They plan to turn a sleepy farming town called Punta Colonet on the western shore of Baja Mexico into the world's biggest deep-water container port.

But then the U.S. and world economies collapsed. So Mexico postponed the bidding on billions of dollars worth of construction contracts. The new date for accepting those bids is April 2009. If the contracts are awarded... massive fortunes will be made, overnight. (An indication that the project is back on track came on February 27, 2009, when the regional government announced the formation of an environmental impact group to provide input on the pending massive development program.)

Everything will be built from scratch -- housing for 250,000 workers and their families; roads, stores, banks, homes, schools... you name it.

And every aspect of this new city will require Internet domain names. PuntaColonetHomes.com, PuntaColonetLawyers.com, PuntaColonetJobs.com, PuntaColonetYellowPages.com and so on.

Let your imagine go wild and register every sort of domain name that a fast-growing community will need. (Don't forget, every town within 100 miles will grow fast as well, providing lots more of the same domain opportunities.) Then prepare to sell them all for megabucks!

Follow This Blog - With Automatic Alerts to New Postings

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Building A Winning Website

If you're thinking about building an attractive website for one of your domains, I can plug you in to an awesome firm. The founder is Dr. John Horn, the world-recognized father of open-source computing, so you know you're getting the absolute BEST in website optimization and search engine optimazation -- meaning that your site will get maximum promotion at Google Search, Yahoo Search and all the other 100's of search engines.

If you're hoping to sell products or services, or you just want your opinions and information to be viewed by lots of people, optimization is a must.

The BEST news about these site builders? THEY'RE CHEAP! Entire gorgeous, interactive and fully omptimized sites can be built for as little as $2,000. That's a fraction of what most companies charge.

For info, click on "comment" below and type in your name and email address. Your comment will not be published; only I will see it. I'll get right back to you with details.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Politics Makes Strange Bedfellows... and Good Money for Domaineers

Republican Whip Eric Cantor of Virginia is gaining enormous media attention as he emerges as the fresh, young (45ish) spokesman of the party, at least as far as the House of Representatives is concerned. That has people talking about his political future, perhaps on the GOP presidential ticket.

Think about buying domains like cantorforpresident2012.com and cantorforpresident2016.com, neither of which have been registered as of this writing.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Get Ready for the Stock Market's Rise

One of these days, the stock market is going to rebound and investors are going to jump back in, in a big way. Now is the time to create and buy domain names that will make you money as the market takes off.

You should be thinking of domains that would attract investors' interest... like TomorrowsHotStocks.com. These domains will be of value to stock promoters, investment advisors and individual companies hoping to convince people to invest in them. For example, here's one that nobody has registered yet: TomorrowsMonsterStocks.com.

Also, there are a lot of businesses in need of financing as they try to emerge from these tough economic times. Domains like FinancingPublicCompanies.com should sell for good prices.

Web addresses like CALventurecapital.com and TXventurecapital.com can be real moneymakers. Look at the established website AZventurecapital.com for an example of how such sites can be built up. And remeber, you can always "park" your domains for free with Revenue Direct, and collect advertising income while you wait for a buyer for your domains.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

DomainFest Auction Results

Moniker's DomainFEST Auction ended last week and made a fair amount of money for several hundred domaineers.

The big money went for Wife.com at a cool $100,000. Also RodeoDrive.com for $60,000, ResortHotels.com and Blooms.com each at $58,830, FreeWireless.com at $50,000, and ConsumerElectronics.com at $45,000.

Lots of quick profits were made as folks who bought domains for $10 sold them for around $5,000 each. Examples: AlabamaForeclosures.com, Devotion.com, CustomizedHomes.com and PartyBoat.com, to name a few.

Lesson to be learned from these results: Almost any word or combination of words can produce quick profits for the creative domaineer.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Obama Making A Domaineer Money with "I Screwed Up"

The daily news headlines are ripe with domain name ideas.

The other day, President Obama proclaimed, "I screwed up!" and within hours the domain IScrewedUp.com was sold for $5,000. That's a very low price, so expect it to be resold for much more very soon.

Did you watch the Super Bowl ads? One clever TV addict registered PepSuber.com which is the new name adopted by the MacGruber character from Saturday Night Live who was featured in Pepsi's SuperBowl ad.

At least once a month, the media jumps on the story about wave after wave of medical research showing a connection between the use of skin moisturizers and cancer. The value of the doman MoisturizerCancer.com is obvious.

And not a day goes by without fresh news of corruption, fraud, food poisoning and other calamities ... all of which point to pending litigation. Enter the domain WhoCanWeSue.com, which is bound to sell for megabucks to a marketing-oriented law firm.

Bottom line: See what's in the news, then register valuable new domains.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Are Advertising Agencies Potential Buyers of Your Domains?

A friend of mine has a theory: To get really high prices (6 and 7 figures) for domain names, sell them to the advertising agencies or marketing consultants that serve big companies.

He figures that corporations have the most money to spend on domains, but their ad and marketing agencies are the ones who can see the value in domains, and who won't mind spending their clients' cash to buy them.

If he's right, that puts a new focus on how you create, price and promote your domains.

For example, let's say you're an ad executive with a big tobacco company as a client. Philip Morris (which sells Marlboro Snus), Altria (Skoal Dry Smokeless) and Reynolds (Camel Snus), just to name the biggest, are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to launch new smokeless tobacco products (sometimes called "snus", and often promoted as being "spitless"), aiming to appeal to smokers who are trying to quit. (Medical authorities say that smokeless tobacco is up to 10,000 times safer than cigarettes.)

What domain names would help your client promote their products? How about SpitlessTobacco.com, SpitlessTobaccoProducts.com, SwitchToSmokeless.com, SwitchToSnus.com and QuitSmokingWithSmokeless.com?

Each of these domains are to-the-point and memorable, making them ideal for incorporation into advertising and marketing campaigns, to bring consumers to web pages introducing smokeless products and encouraging their use, especially by smokers.

What are these, and similar domain names that you can think of, worth? We won't know until we offer the domains to the ad and marketing industry. Stay tuned!

By the way... good info and links on when and how to use and choose a PR firm are at www.BestPRfirms.com.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


There are 5,000 domain names being offered at the Moniker DomainFest Global auction. Click on those green words to get to Moniker's Marketplace page, then click on Extended Online Auction Info to get to the complete list of domains.

If you're in the mood to buy a name, this is a great list. If you're looking for domain name ideas, these will give you lots to think about.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

"Off The Grid" Can Mean Money

"The Grid" was a 2004 TV mini-series starring Dylan McDermott, but that's not why the phrase is so popular in the media and on the web.

The Grid can refer to mainstream life ("The loner abandoned creature comforts and was living off the grid"), the nation's energy infrastructure ("Obama is betting on a smart grid, a futuristic mix of information technology and traditional power lines"), the next-generation Internet ("Researchers say the Grid is the future of collaborative problem-solving") and many other things.

Ever heard of Off the Grid Sports, Off the Grid Entertainment,or Off the Grid Energy? Those phrases have already been registered as .coms, but the possibilities for additional domains are infinite.

Also consider domains like gridquick.com, gridgrease.com, gridgrabber.com, bestgridsites.com, gridgripper.com, gridgrins.com and kidzgrid.com.

Friday, January 30, 2009


The Moniker DomainFest Global internet auction of some 4500 domain names continues into February 5. Check out the list and bid on the ones you like. And use the list to come up with your own new domains! Go to https://www.snapnames.com/apps/search.jsp.

Sports Stats Domains

I was reading the sports section of the paper the other day and saw an item about a university athletics department employee who developed a way to transmit team statistics to cell phones. This allows fans and bettors to stay on top of games in real time.

I immediately reached for my keyboard and grabbed a bunch of short, and therefore attractive, domains:


You see the pattern. There are lots more similar domains waiting to be created -- by YOU?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Good Health Domains Are Good for Your Wallet

The health benefits of red wine are making headlines again, as they have every six months or so for the last several years. This news can make you rich, not just healthy.

The red wine media frenzy this time was kicked off by a report on the TV show 60 Minutes on January 25. New research suggests that the antioxidant resveratrol that is found in wine grapes, blueberries and cranberries not only reduces weight, fights heart disease, Alzheimer’s and cancer, but also significantly extends your life. (Sirtris Pharmaceuticals is a leading researcher on resveratrol.)

How does that make you rich? Fresh attention to this health issue creates fresh opportunities to cash in by creating and selling Internet domains (web addresses) relating to red wine and resveratrol. Examples of these domains include:


The market in domain names is booming, despite or maybe because of the otherwise depressed economy. Anyone can register a new domain for around $10 at Dotster, GoDaddy or Google, then immediately turn around and sell it for hundreds or tens of thousands of dollars. Who’s buying these newly minted domains? Investors hoping to resell them for a profit in the future, and companies eager to attract web surfers to their products and services.

Recent domain sales have included HealthCareSolutions.com for $55,000; SanJuan.com for $150,000; and Irene.com for $19,388.

An on-line auction, DomainFest Global, runs from January 29 to February 5 at http://marketplacepro.moniker.com/auction/detail.html?auction_id=197. Anyone can bid on some 5,000 domain names. Among the best are:


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

DomainFest Auction Underway!

A huge auction of some 5,000 domains is underway in Hollywood, with the on-line portion of the auction running into the afternoon of February 5. It's called DOMAINfest Global. (Click on those green words to get to the site, then check out the full list and enter your bids.)

Among the better domains being sold are:


If you want to avoid the risk of prices running away from your budget during the auction, you can submit offers to buy most of these domains at their www websites; there's usually a "Submit Offer Here" link somewhere on the site.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Capitalize on Breaking News

In an earlier post, I gave one tip on how to find inspiration for new domain names. Here's another way -- scan the latest news reports. Last Sunday provided a prime example of how to do this.

I spotted a story in the on-line version of the London (England) Daily Mail headlined "Now You Can CATCH Obesity .. spreading fat cells are linked to a virus." The paper used the common word "bug" to refer the virus.

At that point, this British tabloid article was the only fat bug story on Google News.

I immediately registered TheFatBug.com and set up the page, at no charge, at Revenue Direct, showing an asking price of "$3500 or Best Offer". Revenue Direct creates a web page full of advertising links; when a visitor clicks on a link, I get paid anything from pennies to a couple dollars, depending on the advertiser. It's a good way to generate some small cash while you're waiting for somebody to come along and offer serious money to buy the domain outright.

By Monday, Google News was loaded with links to Fat Bug stories, from all the TV networks and major dailies to small town papers and zillions of websites.

I figure TheFatBug.com will be a great magnet for a diet pill or diet plan marketer, eager to draw consumers to its primary selling site. It's a no-brainer!

By the way, here's a great website for the inside scoop on domaineering - Domain Name Wire.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Domains Ending in .in, Rather than .com

Recently, it became possible to register domains ending in .in, rather than .com, .net, etc.

The .in suffix actually stands for India, but its practical value is totally unrelated to that fact. Since .in looks and reads as the word "in", you can create an infinite number of domain names that read as phrases ending with the word "in".

As in... (too bad, somebody already bought www.as.in, but now you get the idea).

I picked up Luxuriate.in, a good marketing vehicle for any company selling spa goods and services, expensive clothing or other luxe goods and services.

I checked out about 20 "in" phrases, and nearly all were taken. TheFixIs.In was still available, and if you put your mind to it, you can surely think of many valuable .in domains worth investing a few dollars "in".

Just today, as a GodDaddy customer, I received a special offer -- $14.99 for a one-year .in domain registration. That's more than the $10 or so you can register a .com domain for, but about half the price normally charged for a foreign domain. A good deal!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Weekly Domain Sales Reports

When you're trying to think up valuable new domains, this is a great way to get your creative juices flowing...

Visit the DN Journal, a web report, updated every Tuesday, that lists about 100 of the prior week's domain sales from a few thousand dollars up to millions.

Many times I have created knock off domains and sold them for good money.

For instance, seeing that BoutiqueHotel.com sold for $40,000 (reported Jan 20, 2009), there's a good chance that other "Hotel" combination domains will have similar value. Try registering every good combo you can think of. Also try "Resort" combos, "Inn" combos, etc. It's that easy!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obama Is Making WIND A Money-Maker

There’s lots of money in wind! President Obama is making federal financial support for alternative energy – wind, solar, geothermal, biomass, algae, etc. – cornerstones of his economic development policy.

That means each of these industries is going to BOOM, starting this year.

One CHEAP way to cash in on the boom is to buy web domains (Internet addresses) that wind industry companies are going to want, either because the domain would make a good company name, or because the domain could be turned into a popular and successful site to market a wind company’s products or services.

For example, the domains AAAWindEnergy.com and AAAWindTurbines.com are sure to be attractive to newly formed companies selling energy-generating windmills. WindZoning.com will attract lots of folks with questions about where it’s legal to install a wind turbine. The same for SitingWindTurbines.com.

DoItYourselfWindmills.com is perfect for a company selling kits to the public. Especially valuable are Wind911.com and Wind100.com – they’re both short, easy to remember, and could be built into informative sites with lots of advertising.

FinancingWindTurbines.com has obvious appeal, as do more colorful and very memorable (therefore valuable) domains like InTheWindEnergy.com and OnShoreWindEnergy.com.

All of the above domains can be purchased at each of those websites. Click on the “Buy This Domain” box on the left of those webpages.

Easy Money! ($5 becomes $35,000)

Yesterday, the wire services reported that a private domaineer sold GeorgeWBushLibrary.com to the foundation running George W. Bush’s presidential library for a whopping $35,000. He had paid only $5 for the domain. Talk about easy money!

We’ve found a few more valuable domains that are going to auction in DOMAINfest Global later this month:

SarahSixPack.com (a REALLY valuable domain for fans of Gov. Palin!)

If you want to grab any of these domains before they go to auction (where prices can skyrocket), go directly to the domain and click on the "Buy This Domain" button that usually appears on the left of the web page. You can make an offer right there.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Auction Action Jan 29 - Feb 5, 2009

A lot of domains with extraordinary profit potential are going up for auction January 29 to February 5 in Moniker’s DOMAINfest Global. You can access the full list and by clicking on this link.

Top value domains available there include:

BackyardEthanol.com, and

"Domaineer" Defined

Verb: create, buy, monetize as advertising vehicles, and sell Internet domain names; also, Noun: one who creates, buys, monetizes and sells domain names for profit (dictionary - "domaineer")