Friday, June 18, 2010

NYC Wants to Block Sexting

Sexting is the popular practice of emailing or messaging nude photos. It's especially popular with teens and even younger children. And it's terrifying adults, including parents, cops, teachers and others concerned about the mental health and physical safety of children and young adults.

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FDA to Approve 5 Day Pill "ellaOne" for Contraception

An FDA advisory panel voted unanimously Thursday for agency approval of ellaOne, a medicine that could help prevent pregnancy if taken as late as 5 days after unprotected sex. The 5 day pill appears to be more effective than Plan B, a morning-after pill now available without prescription to women 18 and older that gradually loses efficacy after intercourse and can be taken at latest three days after sex. ellaOne, by contrast, works just as well on the fifth day as the first after sex. I am selling the valuable marketing domains and Asking $10,000 for and $20,000 for, but all offers welcome. Submit your offer as a “comment” to this blog, or make your offer at SEDO.