Monday, March 9, 2009

Cuban Domains, Si! And Turkey, too!

President Obama just announced he's going to ease travel and trade restrictions with Cuba, effectively ending the U.S.'s 40-year-old economic embargo of that island nation.

That means that a wide range of Cuba-related domain names are going to gain value, overnight. Get creative. Come up with domains like,, or (baseball team) and city names like

The White House also recently announced that Obama will soon honor Turkey with a visit there, aiming to improve relations with that critical Moslem, democractic ally. Turkey-related domains may take on added value as that country's interaction with the U.S. expands. Focus on business-related domains there.

Mega-Bucks Still Available from Mega-Port Project

We’ve blogged before about the terrific profit potential of domain names relating to the proposed mega-port project in the sleepy Mexican town of Punta Colonet. Construction dates have slipped, owing to the global economic meltdown, but an authoritative source today says the multi-billion-dollar project is still going ahead.

Among the giant companies expected to bid on the Punta Colonet project are Mexico's largest construction firm, ICA Companies, multinational port operator Hutchison Port Holdings and French container shipping company CMA-CGM.

Every imaginable domain related to Punta Colonet (and surrounding towns) is bound to grow in value. Think of English and Spanish names like,,,, and