Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Place Your Bets - Online - FAST!

Gambling domains have always been HOT, meaning worth lots of cash. But a new crop of US-gambling-related domain names are about to make some domaineers RICH!

Congressman Barney Frank, a powerhouse in Washington, is about to launch a major effort to legalize online betting in the U.S. I predict the bill will pass and a world of valuable domain names that can be used to market U.S. gambling sites is about to open up. I grabbed betusaonline.com just now, just to dip my toe in the water, but you can think of dozens of cash-worthy domains. Get 'em now!

On-Line Auction Ends Thursday 12:15PM PT

Moniker's Silicon Valley TRAFFIC domain auction is in progress and you can bid right up to the closing at noon Thursday (May 7). If you've never seen a domain auction, be sure to click here and watch ad.com go for a cool $1.4 million at the live auction last week that preceded the current on-line auction.

Domain sales generally are going strong, despite the economy. Ron Jackson, Editor of Domain Name Journal, reports that first quarter '09 sales jumped 32% from the fourth quarter of '08 (28.3 million vs. $21.5 million).

I'm offering a number of domains in the auction, including: TechSectorJobs.com, NeverPayASpeedingTicket.com, CellJammers.com, The ContraceptivePill.com, EthanolBooster.com, VirginiaCharterSchools.com, InsuringYourPets.com and WindTurbineFinancing.com. Visit the auction and check out the full list to get your creative juices flowing!