Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Instant Profits -- If Mexico Begins Work On the Punta Colonet Mega-Port, Domain Values Will Soar

It’s costing the Mexican government some $2 billion to transform the sleepy Pacific fishing and farming town of Punta Colonet into one of the world’s biggest cargo transfer ports. But it only costs savvy investors $10 to create an Internet domain name that can be sold for thousands.

In every city of the world, businesses use domains (web addresses) to attract customers and market their goods and services. Typical domains run from to If a domain doesn't already exist, you can register it with Moniker for under $10. If you want to acquire an existing domain, you can buy it through GoDaddy or SEDO.

Domains can have extraordinary resale value. recently sold for a whopping $1.1 million, for $370,000, for $81,000, and for $20,000.

The challenge is to be the first to think of a domain that others will want, or be an early buyer of an existing domain that is sure to surge in resale value in the future.

In this regard, Punta Colonet offers a unique money-making opportunity. Because the Mexican government is still only in the planning stage for building a city from scratch, literally thousands of valuable domains have yet to be registered. Think of the demand – every plumber, bank, utility, bakery, food store, car dealer and dry cleaner will need an easy-to-remember domain.

Some domains are already up for resale. These include:,,,,,,,,,,,, and, to name a few.

Business opportunities will abound in communities surrounding Punta Colonet as well, due to the overflow of new residents, significant improvements to Highway 1 (that connects Punta Colonet to the U.S.), and radically higher standards of living. Domains like and are likely to attract a good deal of interest. There’s lots more good information at

Rarely does an opportunity like this come along. Get your Punta Colonet domains and watch their value soar as the multi-billion-dollar mega-port takes shape. To buy any of the domains mentioned in this blog, submit your offer as a "comment" below. All offers are considered confidential. For all the latest news on the Punta Colonet mega-port project, visit the Punta Colonet blog daily.

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