Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Capitalize on Breaking News

In an earlier post, I gave one tip on how to find inspiration for new domain names. Here's another way -- scan the latest news reports. Last Sunday provided a prime example of how to do this.

I spotted a story in the on-line version of the London (England) Daily Mail headlined "Now You Can CATCH Obesity .. spreading fat cells are linked to a virus." The paper used the common word "bug" to refer the virus.

At that point, this British tabloid article was the only fat bug story on Google News.

I immediately registered TheFatBug.com and set up the page, at no charge, at Revenue Direct, showing an asking price of "$3500 or Best Offer". Revenue Direct creates a web page full of advertising links; when a visitor clicks on a link, I get paid anything from pennies to a couple dollars, depending on the advertiser. It's a good way to generate some small cash while you're waiting for somebody to come along and offer serious money to buy the domain outright.

By Monday, Google News was loaded with links to Fat Bug stories, from all the TV networks and major dailies to small town papers and zillions of websites.

I figure TheFatBug.com will be a great magnet for a diet pill or diet plan marketer, eager to draw consumers to its primary selling site. It's a no-brainer!

By the way, here's a great website for the inside scoop on domaineering - Domain Name Wire.

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