Thursday, January 29, 2009

Good Health Domains Are Good for Your Wallet

The health benefits of red wine are making headlines again, as they have every six months or so for the last several years. This news can make you rich, not just healthy.

The red wine media frenzy this time was kicked off by a report on the TV show 60 Minutes on January 25. New research suggests that the antioxidant resveratrol that is found in wine grapes, blueberries and cranberries not only reduces weight, fights heart disease, Alzheimer’s and cancer, but also significantly extends your life. (Sirtris Pharmaceuticals is a leading researcher on resveratrol.)

How does that make you rich? Fresh attention to this health issue creates fresh opportunities to cash in by creating and selling Internet domains (web addresses) relating to red wine and resveratrol. Examples of these domains include:

The market in domain names is booming, despite or maybe because of the otherwise depressed economy. Anyone can register a new domain for around $10 at Dotster, GoDaddy or Google, then immediately turn around and sell it for hundreds or tens of thousands of dollars. Who’s buying these newly minted domains? Investors hoping to resell them for a profit in the future, and companies eager to attract web surfers to their products and services.

Recent domain sales have included for $55,000; for $150,000; and for $19,388.

An on-line auction, DomainFest Global, runs from January 29 to February 5 at Anyone can bid on some 5,000 domain names. Among the best are:

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