Thursday, February 26, 2009

Intentional Miss-Spellings

Fingers slip. Brains nap. We try to type a domain name into a search engine or address line and we mess up.

You can profit when other people make those mistakes. Buy domain names that are common miss-spellings of popular domains.

For instance, India's space agency in November 2009 will launch a global image service that will be far more detailed, accurate and compelling than Google Earth.

Google Earth provides single-layered images with zoom levels up to 200 meters and images updated every 4 years. Bhuvan, however, will provide multi-layered images with zoom levels up to 10 meters and images updated every year.

How many millions of people will want to visit the web portal yearly? But how many will miss-type the name, and instead go to Buy the miss-spelled and fill it with advertising, or link it to another commercial website and bring tens of thousands of new eyeballs to your desired page. And sell your site for a fat profit.

People have made small fortunes with miss-spelled domains that are similar to popular drug names, celebrity names, city names and more. It's eezy money!

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