Monday, March 2, 2009

Don’t Ya LOVE Pet Names!

Three out of four U.S. homes have pets. That means there’s a market for every imaginable domain name dealing with pets, pet supplies, pet food, pet services, veterinarians, pet hospitals and so on.

Take pet health, for example. Every physical or mental issue that worries humans is automatically transferred to our view of pets. That creates interest in,,,, and the like.

Veterinarians are in constant demand, but like all professionals, they’re always eager to attract more business. That’s why vets are good marketing targets for domains like,,,, and so on.

Did you know that dogs and cats can get sunburn? It’s true. So consider names like, and

Would you ever live without insurance? Of course not! So, naturally, there’s a strong and growing interest in pet insurance. Ten companies dominate the field, with VPI leading the group. The number of insured pets has been growing 20% a year, according to The National Commission on Veterinary Economic Issues. Domain names of value can be as simple as

Pet names are golden for domain resales. President Obama's pooch will be FDOTUS - First Dog of the United States (just as he is officially POTUS and Michelle is FLOTUS).

Sell one or two good pet domains and you’ll be able to afford a spa weekend for you and your own pooch, kitten or other favorite critter. To buy any of the domains mentioned in this blog, email your offer to

(I've issued a press release to get this message out to a broader audience.)

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