Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Medical Domains Mean Quick Profits

Breaking medical/health news is always a prime hunting ground for valuable domain ideas. Just yesterday, two medical research stories proved the point.

The global media went nuts over a dermatology journal report on fluorouracil cream, a chemotherapy agent that researchers now say is an effective anti-aging wrinkle-remover. Given the enormous size of the anti-aging market, any domain incorporating the word "fluorouracil" is pretty much guaranteed to have value. I bought fluorouracilcream.com for $7, registered it with SEDO, and got a $400 offer 2 hours later. I chose to put the domain into SEDO's 7-day auction with a reserve of $400. That means if no one bids higher, the original offer of $400 will be accepted -- a nice one-week return on investment. [The SEDO auction closed on June 22, with a second bidder coming in with one minute to spare, and closing out the sale at $410... netting me $369 on the sale.]

A second medical story popped up yesterday, offering more domaineering opportunities. A new study shows that red yeast rice capsules lower the risk of heart attack and are an effective substitute for statins, expensive drugs used to lower cholesterol and fight off heart attacks. Since statins are among the most heavily prescribed drugs, domains tied to "red yeast rice" are surefire winners. I grabbed redyeastricepill.com, but there are lots more combinations available.

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