Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Domain Income Is Blowing in the Wind

The wind blowing across your roof and backyard is worth money. A new 30% U.S. tax credit combined with state and local tax incentives makes backyard windmills ( very attractive. You can keep the planet green while you put green in you pocket.

Some 10,000 small windmills or wind turbines were sold in the U.S. last year, but the American Wind Energy Association predicts the number will increase 30-fold in just five years. Clearly, turbine marketers and installers are going to boom.

Also booming is the market for domains, or Internet addresses, associated with wind energy. Memorable, descriptive domains attract customers. Take and, for instance. Or consider the value of and for the makers of kits.

Wind turbine marketers can find plenty of customers with,, and (which also has value to solar equipment dealers).

Financing wind or solar is always an issue. Those matters can be dealt with through, and

There’s actually a toll-free 800-number available that can be readily marketed via the domain

The AWEA estimates that a whopping 13 million U.S. homes could benefit from small windmills, ranging in height from 30-140 feet. Professional installation is usually required, especially since they require safe electrical hook-ups to the home and the electrical grid. Installers can use domains like, and

Oh, and for lawyers and those opposed to having wind turbines going up in their areas, take a look at, and
Wind energy ( is a reality today, and it’s making a lot of people rich. To cash in on this new field, consider buying the domains mentioned above. Each can be purchased at its dot-com address.

You can now buy a home wind turbine and get lots of helpful literature on the subject at

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