Friday, September 4, 2009

Jam That Cell Phone!

You go to the movies and no matter how clever the request is for everyone to turn off their cell phones, all through the movie you hear cell phones ringing, see cell phone screens glowing, and hear people talking on the damn things. Same thing in Broadway theaters and church services. In prisons, convicts use smuggled cell phones to set up prison breaks and even orchestrate revenge killings and conduct drug trafficking in the community outside prison walls.

How to stop all this? Jam cell phone signals. Cell jammers ( are legal in most countries, but they're not in the U.S. Since no one's ever been arrested for using a cell jammer in the States, there are lots of them for sale all over the Internet. Congress is preparing to legalize jammers for some uses (like prisons), but pressure from many other groups assures that they'll soon be legal for everyone. 

One company uses the domain (the singular) to market its products, but the plural is available from; they're asking $1500, a bargain. To register your own domain creations, click on Moniker.

From a personal security standpoint, another signal jamming issue arises from the use of RFID signal emitters in everything from credit cards to passports. That makes the domain worth bucks. Buy it from

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