Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Park Domains with SEDO to Make Money While Awaiting A Big Buyer

After you create or buy domains, while you’re waiting for someone to pay big bucks to take them off your hands, you can “park” them with a reputable company like SEDO and generate a steady cash flow. SEDO will, for free, set up a web page at your domain’s address, and populate it with advertising links. Every time someone clicks on a link, SEDO pays you.

The variety of domains that can generate several dollars per click is amazing. Domains like CancerDNAtest.com, WhoCanIScrew.com, InsuringYourPets.com, PuntaColonetLawyers.com, SwitchToSnus.com, DarkCircleRemedies.com, PAC10Stats.com, SwitchToSmokeless.com and  GoingRougue.com are significant $$ producers. And they’re for sale. Submit your confidential offers to buy any of these domains as a “comment” on this blog.

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