Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Moisturizer Cancer - MoisturizerCancer.com

Skin moisturizers are among the fastest growing categories in cosmetics and toiletries. But there’s a deadly secret. Moisturizers can cause cancer.

Rutgers University researchers showed in 2008 that four common moisturizers — including Dermabase, Eucerin Original Moisturizing Cream, and Vanicream — promoted skin cancer in mice. Later that year, Dr. Adrienne C. Olson reported that lab analysis confirmed the presence of powerful estrogens – confirmed cancer-causing agents – in a half-dozen non-prescription skin moisturizers. None of the products listed estrogen among their ingredients on labels or packaging. although they all promised women “a youthful appearance”.

Estrogens that are applied to the skin are more dangerous than estrogen pills, because the chemicals are absorbed into the body more efficiently. Applying estrogen-laced moisturizers on a daily basis is basically dosing your body with cancer-causing drugs, raising your risk of breast cancer in particular.
If you think moisturizers have damaged your skin or caused cancer, you should consult with an attorney about the possibility of suing the manufacturer. Links to lawyers and other useful information are at WhoCanWeSue.com.

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