Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Blocking Sexting with SextingBlocker.com

Sexting is the extraordinarily popular practice of emailing or messaging nude photos of oneself or others. It's especially popular with teens and even younger children. And it's terrifying adults, including parents, cops, teachers and others concerned about the mental health and physical safety of children and young adults.

No one has found an effective way to stop sexting, but lots of companies are working on solutions*. To them, the "natural" domain SextingBlocker.com should be worth a small fortune. Everyone searching the Internet for a solution will likely type "sexting blocker" into search engines, making this domain incredibly valuable. We own the domain, and it's for sale. Asking $10,000. Submit your offer as comment to this blog (click below). All offers welcome.

Can you really make money buying and reselling a domain? CamRoulette.com was first registered in late 2009. In February 2010 it sold for $1,400. In March, this domain was resold for $151,000! (Thanks to DNJournal for reporting this.)Create your own domains cheap here.

*The Taser company, famous for its stun guns, will soon offer a cell phone monitoring/control package called Protector which the company is marketing as a way to enforce "responsible cell phone usage by your children".

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