Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Plus-Size Profits with Plus-SizeWoman.com

Can you believe no one had registered the domain Plus-SizeWoman.com? Or Full-FiguredWoman.com, Full-FiguredWomen.com  or Large-SizeWomen.com? Well, we did, yesterday, and now we’re selling those valuable marketing domains. Got an offer of $5000 for the former, but we’re holding out for something better. Submit your offer as a confidential “comment” to this blog. Create your own new domains here.

This week, clothing company Lane Bryant accused ABC of refusing to run ads for a new line of lingerie because it focused on full-figured women. For almost a century, Lane Bryant has been selling clothes to large-size women. So when the company came out with a new line of lingerie, the company decided to sex up their ad. Apparently it was a little too sexy for a couple of networks. The ads have been blocked and Lane Bryant says it’s bias against full-figured women.

"We knew the ads were sexy, but they are not salacious," said a Lane Bryant spokesperson in a blog. "Our new commercials represent the sensuality of the curvy woman who has more to show the world than the typical waif-like lingerie model." (That's a slap at Victoria's Secret ads that have aired on primetime on ABC and Fox.)

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