Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Are Advertising Agencies Potential Buyers of Your Domains?

A friend of mine has a theory: To get really high prices (6 and 7 figures) for domain names, sell them to the advertising agencies or marketing consultants that serve big companies.

He figures that corporations have the most money to spend on domains, but their ad and marketing agencies are the ones who can see the value in domains, and who won't mind spending their clients' cash to buy them.

If he's right, that puts a new focus on how you create, price and promote your domains.

For example, let's say you're an ad executive with a big tobacco company as a client. Philip Morris (which sells Marlboro Snus), Altria (Skoal Dry Smokeless) and Reynolds (Camel Snus), just to name the biggest, are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to launch new smokeless tobacco products (sometimes called "snus", and often promoted as being "spitless"), aiming to appeal to smokers who are trying to quit. (Medical authorities say that smokeless tobacco is up to 10,000 times safer than cigarettes.)

What domain names would help your client promote their products? How about,,, and

Each of these domains are to-the-point and memorable, making them ideal for incorporation into advertising and marketing campaigns, to bring consumers to web pages introducing smokeless products and encouraging their use, especially by smokers.

What are these, and similar domain names that you can think of, worth? We won't know until we offer the domains to the ad and marketing industry. Stay tuned!

By the way... good info and links on when and how to use and choose a PR firm are at

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