Thursday, February 5, 2009

Obama Making A Domaineer Money with "I Screwed Up"

The daily news headlines are ripe with domain name ideas.

The other day, President Obama proclaimed, "I screwed up!" and within hours the domain was sold for $5,000. That's a very low price, so expect it to be resold for much more very soon.

Did you watch the Super Bowl ads? One clever TV addict registered which is the new name adopted by the MacGruber character from Saturday Night Live who was featured in Pepsi's SuperBowl ad.

At least once a month, the media jumps on the story about wave after wave of medical research showing a connection between the use of skin moisturizers and cancer. The value of the doman is obvious.

And not a day goes by without fresh news of corruption, fraud, food poisoning and other calamities ... all of which point to pending litigation. Enter the domain, which is bound to sell for megabucks to a marketing-oriented law firm.

Bottom line: See what's in the news, then register valuable new domains.

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