Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Update on Mexico's Punta Colonet Mega-Port Project

First, you ask: How does a Mexican infrastructure project relate to making money with domain names? That's easy. If Mexico goes ahead with plans to spend $5 billion turning a tiny fishing and farming village called Punta Colonet into the world's biggest shipping center, 100's of domain names, most of which haven't been created yet, are going to skyrocket in value.

Now, what's the news on this project? April 24 was the deadline for companies to request the forms necessary to bid on construction of the megaport. According to Jose Rubio Soto, the government's project director, 42 companies met the deadline and a few more might be allowed to register. Soto said that despite the global economic gloom, Punta Colonet remains a priority for the Calderon government.

As of April 29, the Mexican government is saying there will be some additional delay but that the mega-port remains a top priority and will be developed. New deadlines are to announced within days.

This is very promising news for domaineers. Considering the construction that may be about to happen -- roads, homes, businesses, utilities, restaurants, hotels and so on -- there is going to be an explosion in demand for web addresses (domains) to advertise products and services to the world. Think of domains like PuntaColonetYellowPages.com, PuntaColonetLawyers.com, PuntaColonetCarRentals.com, PuntaColonetJobs.com and the like.

Just ask yourself: What does every city need in the way of goods, services and related domain names? Since this city (and surrounding suburbs) will be created literally from scratch, thousands of domains will be needed. Lock them up now for quick resale if Punta Colonet happens.

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